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Desert Dino Run VR is an Android Virtual Reality Game compatible with Cardboard like Headsets.

You are the only hope to save a village in the middle of a desert from dying of thirsty. The desert is full of Dinosaurs and every time you bring water to your village more dinosaurs appear, but your village becomes more and more alive with the water provided by you. Move quickly in the desert and if a Dinosaur spot you, run to the village, the only safe place where they won't attack you. You need to explore the desert to find the water, at the same time you must avoid being spotted by the dinosaurs because if they start chasing you, you'll have to run away.

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Desert Dino Run VR is a VR Game in which you find yourself in a Village in the middle of a desert.

The people from the Village are thirsty but they can't go out after water because the desert got infested by Dinosaurs. And they are hungry.

You are the Village's only hope to survive but you need to go out in the desert, alone, and find water and bring it back to the village.

The desert is dangerous and you can't get lost or seen by the Dinosaurs. It they spot you they will chase you until you find your way back to the Village, the only safe place you have.

Explore the desert with caution, if you find water wait until the place is safe, get it and bring it back to your Village as quick as you can.

Listen very carefully to your surroundings because you need to use all your senses to not get spotted by the Dinosaurs and find the water fast and return to the Village even faster.

Easy to play, very immersive and it features a full, 360-degree experience.

It should be played on a swivel chair or standing up as you are required to turn 360 degrees while playing the game.

ATTENTION: As this is a Google Cardboard game it requires a compatible phone and appropriate enclosure. If you do not have the required specifications then a comfortable playing experience cannot be guaranteed. If you feel unwell at any point, please take a break from playing the game. If you experience your view "drifting" sideways then simply lay the phone on a flat surface for a little while to allow it to stabilize.

This app will only work in Google Cardboard or similar device, the screen is split and not playable without lenses. Screenshots are for indicative purposes and do not show split screen view.


DesertDinoRunVR.apk 42 MB

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